When it Rains, It Pours

There were two things I learned right off the bat: You need a pinup name and you need pinup photos. The story about my name will come later, but lets talk pictures! I have a very dear friend that is an incredibly talented hair stylist. I remind you that I have yet to improve my hairstyle skills past running a brush though it every now and then. I have another dear friend that was willing to take my photos, AND was running a special (SWEET!) and I had ordered the cutest vintage dress EVER! Killing a bit of time that morning I received a text message from my boyfriend saying he wasnt feeling well and could he come nap at my place for a bit. Sure why not….literally the man passed out. I start on my makeup for the photo shoot…..1:00…..2:00…..2:30……crap……2:45,  “ok I have to make my 3:00 hair appointment, time to get up dude, youre blocking me in with your car!” He groans, “oh just take mine”. Without even thinking I ran out the door start the engine as it starts to pour rain and I make it to the salon. BTW, Isn’t my friend just so beautiful!? Congrats on her WEDDING!!!!! she made the most beautiful bride last weekend….. Snapchat--5580597932107174036 Anyways, while the apocalyptic flood is hitting the city, I’m nice and cozy in the salon getting my victory roll on while behind us there is some pretty interesting salon chatter: “I mean, he just CANNOT handle an independent woman like me, he wants some woman to sit and crochet and wait for him to come home, well that’s not me.” “OOhhhhh girl no!” “Oh I am NOT going to put myself out there emotionally”…… Snapchat-5967501631778058275 HAHAH! We just couldnt help it. Well now I’m all done and ready when we realize the rain has not let up at all. I texted my photographer friend and confirmed that we had a backup plan, plus the rain was supposed to let up a bit in her area. So solution…….a giant bag on your head: Snapchat--4589150422816437116 Now we are at 4:30 and I’m stuck in traffic. Y’all, let me just interject by saying on a typical day I have the patience of Job. I can sit in traffic happy as a clam and find something to take up my time…..but TODAY I had places to be and pictures to take. I FINALLY make it to my street, about 15 feet from my house, and the street is flooded. But hey, it isn’t flooded in front of MY house. So, I figured as long as I inch my way down the middle of the street I will make it. Inch by inch I wade through the water (which turned out only to be about 8 inches deep). Until suddenly the RPMs plummeted, the battery oil and engine light comes on and the car stalls about 6 feet from my house. This is probably the time in the story I should let you know that this is my boyfriends brand. new. car. as in 2016, still has dealer tags, brand new. and if any of you have a man in your life you know: their car is their baby. so with this in mind I make the call: Ring….”Hey” “hey babe whats up” “um….its still raining and um…..the car wont go” “what do you mean the car. wont. go?” “I mean um there was water on the street and it was going and now the lights are on but it wont go anymore….” He walks outside and sees me in the street…..”Oh no no no no NO NO!!!” running over to me I start to shake, this is it, he is going to break up with me for sure. I’m done for…..well….at least I looked good, right? Throwing the car in neutral we have to push it to my driveway, full makeup, bag on head, pushing a car down my street…..it still wont start……and now were stuck on a flooded street….photos cancelled. I throw face into my hands (bag still on head) and I begin to cry….”I understand if you want to leave me!” he busts out laughing…..leave you!? after this? oh honey you’re going to do way worse in the future and I’m still going to love you. After a thorough pity party of cheesy TV and wine a few glasses more of wine later…..Iwe decide to have our own photo shoot and it was a blast! IMAG1106 The next morning…..boyfriend’s brand new baby car is getting hauled off. IMAG1107 Girlfriend AND Pinup FAIL! The blessing in all this: I never EVER knew the depth of my man’s patience and ability to go with the flow until that moment and (sappy moment alert) fell in love with him all over again from it. My friends also helped calm me down and we rescheduled…..now lets just pray that there is NO RAIN this time around! Timelessly Yours, Ginger Foxwood



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