I Caught the Bouquet!

My friends and I are dancing fools.

We do NOT know when to sit down, (people sit down?) and we always have a blast! Our dancing skills range from full blown competitive dance instructor level to this is my right foot and this is my left foot. I’d say this girl here ranges somewhere in the middle. Now mind you I grew up Southern Baptist and still consider myself to be Baptist, we were not brought up to dance. Eat and cook, yes. dance? nope. so as I slowly chant “slow slow quick quick slow….” I quickly lose myself and just go nuts!


I say all of this to get to the evening at hand. Recall the hairdresser friend that helped me look fabulous while flooding boyfriend’s car? she got married! and we definitely tore it up!

11703255_10100136125645489_545937602632738242_o 11411799_10100136125770239_4264499143769184058_o

(Thank God we shaved our armpits!)

While we taught her the YMCA dance and all the line dances we could shove into one evening, she taught us her signature dance…..the crab. If you ever need to catch a man…..its doing this dance move!


After we sufficiently wore down the varnish on the dance floor, it was time to catch the bouquet. We all raise our arms up for the pictures, the music starts playing and toss goes the bouquet! the bride turns to toss it and I see her aim in my direction, her best friend in front of me, surely she is aiming for her so in the midst of the festivities I squeal, close my eyes and keep my arms raised……


……..I open my eyes and in my hands are pink and white roses  bound together by a ivory satin ribbon that could only mean one thing. I caught it, I caught the bouquet! turning around to boyfriend holding our beers I’m convinced I see this face in between fits of laughter….probably one of the most fiercely independent woman on the floor caught those cursed flowers of matrimony!


Oh Lord have Mercy! she caught the bouquet. Throughout the remainder of the evening we continued to be the dancing fools we are while being asked….will there be another wedding in our group soon? Ha! Sorry ladies and gentleman…not just yet.

Though I’m convinced as fiercely as I’m holding onto my independence I’m holding onto that bouquet….11742752_10101470041711808_4739992122476661187_n“Gimme that bouquet!”

Since the wedding, its possible the bouquet has been working its wifely magic on me….it may make me into an honest woman yet! just not today….or tomorrow……


Timelessly Yours,




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