About to Pop Baby Shower

Hello there lovely!

I thought it was high time I shared another party I hosted for y’all to grab some inspiration from. This baby shower was for a dear friend of mine who absolutely loves bright colors to match her bright personality. All the printables were obtained from Lollipopink which can be found at  http://www.facebook.com/lollipopink and  http://lollipopinkspot.blogspot.com/

The colors of the baby’s nursery were going to be orange, lime and teal so that became the theme of the baby shower. You can find the invitation here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/107442758/shes-about-to-pop-baby-shower-printable?ref=shop_home_active_18


The accessories on the mantle of the fireplace were made using Dum-Dum suckers stuck to a styrofoam ball and then attached to an orange pail, the sucker arrangements were then given to the winners of the shower games. You can find the tutorial here: http://craftsncoffee.com/2011/06/10/a-crafty-candy-topiary-tutorial-how-to-make-a-lollipop-tree/

The guest of honor sat in a chair under the balloons that were taped to the ceiling using double sided tape to give the appearance of them being suspended in the air.


The banner was created by  Lollipopink: (the BEST part about this banner is that she was able to take it home and hang it on the baby’s crib, how CUTE?!)


The food was set up in the dining room under a circus tent made of plastic table cloth. These were adhered to the ceiling and the light fixture with pipe cleaners (which are my go to crafting cheat!) and thumb tacks. Like in this link: http://www.designdazzle.com/2012/02/kids-parties-easy-idea-for-the-ceiling/



This was the cake we had made and the topper was also made by Lollipop ink:


The polka dots throughout the house were created using paper plates in her colors and taped with double sided tape. You can see the inspiration here: http://www.hwtm.com/index.cfm?page=albums/view_album&albumid=224&categoryid=9,10,11,8,103


The entrance was decorated with additional sheets of plastic table cloth and party streamers which you can purchase in bulk at any party store. The tutorial is here: http://thatsmyletter.blogspot.com/2012/03/p-is-for-party-2.html

All of the gifts that I gave her as a hostess were incorporated somehow into the decorations and followed the color scheme, these included onesies, shoes, socks, blankets, toys, etc. all in the colors lime, orange and teal. this is a go-to trick of mine for any party I am hosting because it will cut the cost of your decorations while getting the most use out of your gifts to the honoree.


I hope you enjoyed this baby shower as much as I did and that it inspires you to dive into Pinterest, look for some inspiration and DIY the mess out of your next event!

Love Ya Mean It!

Ginger Foxwood


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