Sunset on my Face

There is something very liberating about learning to do makeup for yourself and for no one else. It turns into an art instead of exclusively serving the purpose of covering your imperfections.
You become familiar with all the intricate curves of your face: your eyes, your cheeks , your lips. With every different look you strive to enhance something different be it a physical feature or something more internal or  experiential.

In the exhaustive heat of this summer I was inspired to make one of the coolest times of the day last as long as possible… so let’s go for a sunset! On. My. Face! Oh dear……..

Now this was exceptionally hard because I meant using colors I am unfamiliar with in a way that could be questionable. But what the heck, let’s do it anyways. And boy am I glad that I did!!!



The look was completed with a hot pink eye-shadow by Two Faced and an eye-shadow palette by Marc Jacobs (using the red, orange and folks on the lid and blue/purple on the bottom lashline). The lipstick was a nude pink by L’Oreal called Julianne’s pink. The contouring was done using Makeup Forever contour kit and the blush was Christian Dior. Foundation was hourglass foundation and everything was set with NYX HD setting powder.

What has been a makeup look that took you out of your comfort zone?
I’d love to hear about it!

Timelessly yours,
Ginger Foxwood

Timelessly Yours, Ginger Foxwood


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