Beautifully Blended: Part One

Gosh this is going to be a tough series of posts for me. How to put into words the beautifully blended foundation of my life and upbringing.


I guess let me start off by saying that I am not a laid back person, I am very type A, get crap done and a bit of sass…….As my younger brother puts it “She is very feisty”. So for a man to marry my mother KNOWING that I, and the hurricane I brought with me, came “as a bonus”…..that’s really saying something.


As far as personalities go, me and my stepdad could not be farther apart. While I plan parties, meet all the strangers, throw myself on stage and hope I don’t mow anyone down in my overzealous process, he is quietly in his office supporting me like the man behind the curtain. I am the great and powerful Oz, the giant face on the screen……he is the wizard. This one of the many things that makes my family so beautifully blended.


I certainly used to resent the rigid side, as I’m sure all children do. Asking questions like, why cant we have more fun? why does the AC have to be at 76 and not a degree lower….do we REALLY always have to have the gate locked? but looking back I am more than thankful for the structure, consistency and reliability that came with the package.


At the lowest part of my life, when I felt most alone, he stepped out of his office and held me up the entire time I was down. He even bought me beer!! and I still live off the spreadsheet he made for me. Gotta love the engineer!

10730951_10101120852125538_4372116085678552107_n 10406804_10101120854595588_828163845737764651_n

So while I jump out into the loud, chaotic world I can always count on three very fundamental things: the AC will always be at 76, the gate will always be locked, and that man behind the curtain will always support me and choose to be my dad. And I am very grateful to him for that.



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