First fitting for my pinup outfit

Want to know something that surprises me?

What surprises me is that there are some instances where the outfits shown in old photographs is not necessarily what is sold in “vintage-style” stores/websites. An example of this is the tiki wrap skirt. I. am. in. love. with this skirt! and looked everywhere for it but could NOT find it in any stores….


How cute!? right?!

So I scoured the internet and found a designer willing to help this potential pinup out!  Her name is Freddie and she has a Masters degree in Fashion Design and has made everything from wedding dresses to bikinis. She is from London and has lived there for the last 10 years. And what a blessing to me that she is now in my area!!


A few weeks ago we met at a vintage shop and found a FAB fabric in the shape of a NOT SO FAB mumu….and I swear I knew this is going will be a fabulous relationship, we instantly were on the exact same page and had the same ideas, I loved hearing her feedback and felt like I was shopping with a long awaited friend.


Yesterday was the first fitting, and it is looks astonishing! the fabric fell flawlessly, accentuating my natural shape in a way that made forget how much I’ve been dieting and working out….as far as anyone knew, this dress made me look like I was born to be a pinup. The fitting took about 20 minutes but I was there for almost an hour just enjoying laughing and talking with Freddie! I CANNOT wait for you all to see the final product! It’s so my personality, with a dash of sass…..its FANTASTIC!





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