Thriller Party!

You know what makes a great conversation piece at parties? Proving to everyone you can do the ENTIRE Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance by memory! Many a college frat party crowd was impressed with my Thriller skills. And why is that? Because my Soul Sister Stepmom Nee’Nee’ Hosted the post fabulous Thriller themed party!


Stay tuned to a post where I share about my fab relationship with one of the most amazing women in my life!


Nee’Nee’ rented out a dance hall near her house where the dance instructors actually taught us all the Thriller dance moves. This portion of the party was girls only while the men fried fish and drank beer at the house (a southern party staple item). For our party favor, we all went home with a white exfoliating bath glove!


After we learned the dance, we went back to the house, ate the fish and showed off our newly learned dance moves!


Maybe I should do a thriller pinup theme and show off my dance moves in a show?!


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