Beautifully Blended: Part Two


If I had to describe what Nee’Nee’ is to me, it would be my inner monologue. She is that person we all want to have, our soul sister. The one that despite whatever circumstances crossed our paths or got in our way, its blatantly obvious that we are identical. Everything I am thinking……has already come out of her mouth, painted, blinged out and wrapped up in a big bow before I’ve even been able to form the complete sentence!!!!


(Apparently the hamburgler looks like if the chucky doll grew up and got a job at McDonalds…..thats not creepy at all)

Nee’Nee’ came into my life when I was about 12 years old. The first day I met her she had a giant Easter basket complete with these hollowed out eggs all painted into tiny people, some even had little curls of hair on them!!! She started as my stepmother but has become so much more to me than that. I swear she is like… spirit animal or something!!! LOL.


You see, she and my dad divorced the same time my husband and I divorced (don’t worry, more to come. cant let all my secrets out yet) so we took that journey of healing together. She doesn’t replace my mom, but she has never tried to. She has a special place in my heart and we proudly say we are friends. The entire family is such an absolute blessing and truly truly amazing! And so damn funny! seriously they invented #nofilter!!!!


(Granny wins at Cards Against Humanity. Every. Time!)

She has taught me to embrace my creative spirit, to experiment and be passionate about learning new, creative things…..and if they don’t work out? who gives a sh!t! just slap some glitter on it and act like you meant it to turn out that way. Kinda like life in general right!?


She is the most creative soul I’ve ever met and I am so blessed to have her. One of the main reasons I wanted to write about her is that not only am I 100% sure she will come back up in later posts, but because she has been a truly fundamental part in my path of self discovery, and one of the first people I told about starting pinup. Not only has she embraced me so fully when I needed it most, but her entire family has loved me and cared for me and has never stopped supporting me. We definitely chose each other.

IMG_20120903_120011 IMG_20120903_115937 IMG_20120903_115854 IMG_20120903_115720 IMAG0041-1

To read about some of the work that Nee’Nee’ has done check out her blog:



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