Medical School Party!

My cousin and I are almost the same age, about 9 months apart. Growing up we spent almost every Sunday together and certainly every holiday. we would pick weeds and press the little white flowers into the pages of my grandmothers old church cookbooks, burn ants with a magnifying glass, and play on the slip and slide in our underwear. I’m sure that going through those old cookbooks now, I am bound to find tiny petrified leaves and petals.


One thing about my cousin, Dr. Valentine, is that he is vastly more successful than I am (something I am very proud of) and it is very easily to live vicariously through him. For starters he is now a resident in the medical field, just returned from Africa where he worked on HIV/AIDS research, spent time over in Romania for the same work and has now returned to possibly start a fellowship in Neonatal medicine. He. Is. AMAZING! (Who can say that they’ve practiced medicine AND done HIV/AIDS research in three different continents over the course of two years and before turning 30?)

And so when he graduated medical school I did what any good southern girl would do: I hosted a fabulous party! And, as you can tell, it HAD to be themed.


It was held in the party room of a restaurant and so the decorations were added to the tables sparingly:


I borrowed some books and equipment from nursing friends and maintained the medical theme throughout:



The silverware was added into blue latex gloves and I found the most FANTASTIC frames at the dollar store:


The treats were scattered in other jars that kept the medical theme alive, and were SO FUN to make: We had chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered oreos, skittles, fun size candy bars, and twizzlers!!







And the cake was actually made by a friend of my mother who was wanting to make a bit extra and started making cakes on the side. Um, can we say, you CAN quit your day job! so talented!!!!




It was such a great day and it was so so special for Dr. Valentine! I know he is going to do great things. but He better not forget his humble roots:



Ginger Foxwood



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