First Pinup Photo Session!

So where was I in the grand scheme of setting up for my pinup life? oh yeah! photos. Since my first photo session was successfully botched, we most definitely needed a redo. Thank goodness my dear friend Hazel with HB Photography was willing to reschedule and my friend Anna-Laurel was willing to help me out with my hair. (oh and for those following my saga, we are fully functional on vehicles now!!!! new engine and all!)

Facebook Two

From Hazel’s FB. Isnt she the sweetest?!

Facebook One

Hazel was absolutely a blast to work with and you can check her out at

Facebook Three

It was even great that she was able/willing to work with my multiple outfit changes and crazy location changes in the 110 degree weather. I kid. you. not. But I cannot wait to see the final shots!

So, if you’ve been anywhere in The South you know we take our summer’s seriously. Especially when you live in the most air conditioned city in America! The day of the photo shoot was no exception…. (can I just thank the Lord above for lining in dresses for when I WASN’T in my car?!)


Its just a true miracle half my makeup didn’t melt off! 

I finished my makeup, made a pit stop with Anna Laurel and then headed out to meet Hazel…..

wpid-wp-1439498546484.jpegPre-Hair Magic! Cant wait for you to learn victory rolls with me! 

Rotating around a beautiful historic neighborhood filled with old homes, a gazebo and all kinds of amazing vintage finds, I wanted to utilize the time as best I could. Therefore, under my dress is a one piece swimsuit. So we were going to have two dresses and swimsuit pics. The only disadvantage? no control top, no corset…..All Natural-e baybay! Other disadvantage? Taking off dress #1 for the swimsuit pics….when random jogger man decides its an opportune time to update the contacts on his phone. Right. Next. To. ME. I guess he figured that he got a free show!

She took so many fantastic pictures in about an hour….I was on CLOUD NINE!!! I just CANNOT WAIT to see them!!!


Afterwards…..Batman and I celebrated the way all Texans do…..some fabulous Tex-Mex and a margarita. And I just couldn’t bring myself to taking down the victory rolls in my hair! We went wearing workout clothes, and jammed out to Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer! Epic end to an Epic day!

wpid-imag1184_burst014.jpg wpid-wp-1439498511343.jpeg wpid-wp-1439498495149.jpeg wpid-wp-1439498565015.jpeg

Stay Tuned! more pinup photos to come!


Ginger Foxwood



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