Homemade Kombucha

So in my quest to be healthy and be cheap I have decided whats better than a little harmless DIY project?! Well let me tell you about my latest obsession……Kobucha! Its a pet, well more like a slightly terrifying little dude that looks like a giant oyster. a supplement that offers a crapton of health benefits….and all kinds of stuff!



So how did I get into this whole Homemade Kombucha business to begin with?! well a friend of mine, Kristin, messaged me telling me about her pet SCOBY….and for those who do not know, SCOBY is the name of the giant oyster and it stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. Yum.

ecxkt1 (1)


Anyways, Kristin got her SCOBY from someone at her yoga studio (so fabulously hippie right!?) and I have been teetering with the idea of getting my own and picking her brain about it. Well little did I know that you can SHARE your SCOBY!!!! So now I have a little piece of Kristin….I mean her SCOBY. tehehe not creepy at all. And the most fabulous part of this whole project thus far…was the hand off.

Kristin and I were invited to a dinner party, like a meet and greet. Basically we didn’t know a soul. So what would make a better first impression than to showing up with a jar full of bacteria!?

Immediately upon entering the home, I run up to Kristin, “did you bring it?!” I ask as I try to contain the strange excitement I have over a fungus….excuse me…..bacteria. “Yes! Shhh….Its in my purse” .

“Oh let me see it! I just want to see it”

“Later, I mean jeeze this is a party and we dont know many people here!”

“Oh who cares, we may start a SCOBY trend! have you named yours?” I ask Kristin to which she laughingly replies, “Oh God no! are you kidding”….nope. I kid not!

So As I peek into her purse I see my new pet in all her shining, slimy, probiotic glory…..my SCOBY! floating in a small mason jar.

After the evening had concluded I follow Kristin out to her car, we dish out the instructions on how to make a batch, talk about epic SCOBY fails and wish each other luck.


Like a proud new momma I carried my SCOBY home to show off. and this is what I arrived home to:


Holy smokes! its the Bat-dish-washer!

And so in return I thrust the jar in his face and say look at my new pet!!!  I cant even describe the horror, disgust and yet….oddly enough…..strange small laugh peeking through at my new toy.

And so I will keep you all posted on my new SCOBY and how my Kombucha batch does in the next 7-14 days. and without further adieu, I present my SCOBY, “Thelma”!



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