Money Money Money!

Something I’ve quickly learned is that when you go all in on something it can get quite expensive. So I have decided to really budget my pinup stuff and well…….budget everything for that matter. So I’m going to give the envelope system a shot!

Primarily because of two reasons…..vintage can be REALLY REALLY Expensive…..or….you can buy a crap ton of REALLY REALLY cheap things thus making it REALLY REALLY Expensive in the long run. Example: New Dress for $75-$100 vs. thrift store dress for $10 but it doesn’t fit me right so I have it taken in, washed, etc. etc. for another $20, oh let me just glue some flowers or something festive on it for another $20… get the picture. It goes overboard really quick fast and in a hurry. and for someone like me who has it cranked to Mach 3 at all times…..I gotta slow my roll.

For those of you new to it the envelope system is quite simple. Basically take all the $$$$$ out of your account that is left after you factor in your bills and auto draft payments (i.e.: “After you subtract the amount you need in your bank from your net pay then you know how much cash to take out. For example, if your net pay was $3,000, rent was $1,000, cell phone $80, car insurance $100 and life insurance $35; then you would withdraw $1,785 cash.”

Once you have your cold hard cash you stuff it into a ton of envelopes that are categorized. My categories are going to be as follows:

Grocery and Meal Prep

Gas and Car Maintenance (remember I have a habit of breaking down cars) 



PinUp Stuff and Clothing 

Gifts (birthdays and start saving for Christmas)

Personal Care and Home Supplies

Health and Fitness 

 Just like these DIY ones:

Afterwards, you STICK TO YOUR ENVELOPES! if you spend all your cash, tough luck sister, you learned for next time.


So I’ve bought the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Book and Workbook, I’ve got my cash in my envelopes and Were going to see how this goes. Apparently you can save a pretty big chunk just by switching from credit/debt/plastic to cash. But regardless, one good thing is that this will force me to stick to my diet (I wont be tempted to spend money on cheat meals), I will HAVE to get creative on my vintage find shopping and I will (groan) finally learn that immediate gratification is “not all its cracked up to be”……though I still find that hard to believe.


Ginger Foxwood



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