Two weeks until first show!

Well to recap….Week one was relatively a success. I stuck to my meal plan all for Saturday and Sunday when I binged on fruit snacks and mimosas. Hey! A girls gotta have her treats!

So now onto week two of meal prep! We stuck to the same menu as before but changed up a few things…..

This week for breakfast I will be enjoying the entire egg instead of just the whites….I quickly learned that eating exclusively the egg whites from a boiled egg is the dietary equivalent of eating the sole of a shoe. And I am not about that life.

The bags of Oatmeal from last week did not work, I straight up didn’t use them….this week I will be giving overnight oats a shot.


For my snack, I decided to mix it up a bit and made a protein lemon cake…..each square offering about 8-10 grams of protein, and it’s (almost) sugar free!


I doubled this recipe and excluded the Crystal Light since I already had lemon flavored powder:

As for the main meals, you have the encore presentation of chicken and veggies / fish and veggies. The tried and true.

So let’s see how Week Two progresses!

Ginger Foxwood


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