Setbacks and Spring-Forwards

How do you handle a setback? Do you pray? Cry? Ignore it? Drink? Scream?

I wish that I could say I had the magic formula for handling a setback. Some 5 step process that diffuses the warmth that crawls up your neck when you see yourself taking those backwards steps away from where you want to be. Unfortunately, my go-to position when things don’t go according to plan is get angry. Not necessarily at anyone in particular, I just turn into She-Hulk and rage on, verbally destroying everyone in my path. At least this is my knee-jerk reaction. While some women I know cry and let it all out that way, I am stuck praying fervent red-faced (looking slightly constipated) pissed-off-prayers for peace and all I can say is Thank God for the safety of others, I have myself some Jesus! Maybe thats the benefit to locking myself in my room when these prayers are needed……no self-respecting, quiet, mousy woman of poise would look like that (not that anyone wants to see that either!) since…yanno…..I’m definitely all those things!


So what is this setback that I am referring to? Well, remember that dress I had made a few posts ago? It was for a vintage show that happens at the end of September. They just posted the rules for the contestants TODAY and guess what? “The Contestant must be dressed in authentic vintage attire (*clothing at least 25 yrs or older. Shoes can be vintage reproduction.)” Yeup, that includes my dress. I scoured the internet for the perfect 1940s Hawaiian themed dress. found countless photos of women in dresses EXACTLY like the one I wanted. but no matter how much I looked I could NOT find one sold to look like that. So I had one made out of an old vintage mumu. and its pretty amazing since it is essentially identical to the dresses in these photos:


Unfortunately the dress itself is NOT “authentic vintage attire” but MADE OF vintage attire. Semantics right? So needless to say I will be red faced and dressed to the nines this weekend getting as much use out of this dress as I can……and Hey! This may be the perfect opportunity to practice my victory rolls! b402b6ead09910acdfa066d2e5189aeb

So I still submitted my application today and I will be providing you with my answers to the questions from the competition: 

Favorite era and why: My favorite era is equal parts 1940s and 1950s. as a culture, Americans were optimistic and this was a true era of “The American Dream” it was the time when chivalry was in its prime and women wore dresses. Its the era that comes to mind when people think of Nostalgia and its the era that holds a beauty to it that is timeless. From the constant changes in fashion, music and cultural norms to the beauty of femininity, elegance and grace; its certainly an era that will live indefinitely.


Have the most fun when you are: It would probably when I am talking to other people, when others begin to feel comfortable around me and open up to me. I love to see passion behind someone’s eye and see how they light up when they talk about something that excites them. The best part about this is that each person is different, each person will have something else exciting to talk about and that not only gives you the opportunity to love others and let them open themselves up to you but you learn so so much from people. This is quickly followed up by dancing, doing makeup and board game night with my friends and family.


Something you would like the audience to know about you: That I am so excited about embracing my vintage side not only for the opportunity to meet some amazing and unique people but to also embrace history hands on, embrace one facet of my femininity and to allow me a reason to dress up in such fabulous and timeless clothing. And the fact that trying to actually master a victory role is probably the most terrifying thing about all this!


On a brighter note, I still will be able to use the dress for my upcoming competition on Labor Day Weekend. so Whooo Hoo!!

Timelessly Yours,

Ginger Foxwood


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