Comic Book Roses

So Batman has decided to clean out his stash of comic books. En route to the trash can I had a brilliant idea and saved the comics from certain death. I would craft with them!!! So after scouring for the perfect idea on Pintrest I found it…..paper roses!!


The first tutorial I found recommended purchasing a rose, disassembling it and using those petals as a guide……unfortunately this did not work as well as advertised


There it’s a rose shape somewhere I there if you squint your eyes hard enough! Lol so I moved on to the next tutorial which recommended cutting each petal…..


This wasnt too bad and just recommended cutting several different sizes. The most time consuming part was shaping each petal before gluing the rose together….you can start to see the petals forming


After I had a good variety of shaped petals I began my assembly.



And slowly but surely a rose began to form!



I think I need a but of practice but I cannot wait to have enough made to then assemble a bouquet! As I considered what else I could use these roses for, I’m thinking a hair piece may be created in the future, maybe even with a bit of netting?


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