A New-ish Way to View Vintage


So check this chick out: Jillian Owens with http://refashionista.net and http://blog.goodwillsc.org/the-new-good-life-blog/ !!! Um can anyone say new obsession!? This makes me want to learn to sew…..sew bad!!! ha.ha.ha. see what I did there?


She finds not so cute vintage wear and turns it into super cute outfits! I’m really kinda digging it. I mean lets face it, I’m a size 12/14. How many vintage and retro size 14’s do you find in the refurbished stores that are NOT Mumu’s and are flattering? I’m thinking that I shall draw further inspiration from this and work on discovering new ways (with the help of my seamstress in crime) to wear these beautiful vintage patterns and still show off those curves that I simply cannot deny!


So, what are your thoughts? I’m still curious if it still counts as vintage if you cut it up and sew it back together to better fit you?


In later pinup news, I purchased a new and FABULOUS 1950s style gingham dress that I think shall make its debut this Labor Day Weekend!!!! and officially submitted my application for not only the Hawaiian Vintage show but also a local pinup group! Lets keep our fingers crossed on how that goes!


Ginger Foxwood
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Photos were found at https://www.facebook.com/TheReFashionista and http://features.faithtap.com/3985/woman-refashions-thrift-store-clothing/ and this is so fabulous I could never take credit for this! I’ve been really enjoying her blog and you should too!


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