Texas Hoedown 2015

So I have officially arrived!

Hair did nails did everything did…I’m fancy, huh!?



Thank goodness for Naomi, my pinup soul sister! Upon arrival in the poring rain she helped me get dressed, fix my victory roll blowout and managed to all do it while rocking some insanely beautiful heels!

I must start off by saying that the most beautiful part about the entire day is the sense of community you get. Every single girl was supportive of one another and there was a genuine sense of care for all the girls that entered. As I heard being said multiple times that day, “good vibes only”!

For starters, the email said there would be a changing area. Well, upon arrival we all discovered that said “changing area” was a glorified pantry! Now, this is really where it got interesting in the most amazing way possible. The girls made the best of it buy borrowing each others makeup and curling irons and the one hand held mirror someone remembered to bring! Lol.

And if your nerves got the best of you; don’t worry about sweating because the walk in beer fridge was where most girls changed and hung out until the beginning of the show!


Swapping tips on foundation for tips on making straight hair stay curled was a sisterhood found in the back of a crapshoot pantry and walk in freezer.

I mean let’s face it, it doesn’t get more “Southern Fried” than fixing your Spankx to sit on a case of beer and talk makeup and hair!!


I ended up being first to go on stage and it was just a total blur!!! I did see Batman sneak a wink at me that made my heart just melt! Along with Batman I had some great support and cheers from some dear friends and Nee’Nee’!!!



Turned out I basically ran off the stage before the emcee could finish my introduction….as im rushing off the stage I hear “Get back up here! we arent finished with you yet!!!” and ended up having to go back on stage to finish! Ha! Oops…. MY introduction consisted of, “This is Ginger Foxwood, her interests include Crossfit and I bet she can lift more than most of you out there” Its funny because its probably true!

I mean can you get a look at all these BEAUTIFUL women!? BEAUTIFUL Inside and Out!!


The second round was the questions….

The question I choose “what makes a confident woman?” my answer? “A confident woman is someone who it’s not afraid to show her vulnerability. To step out of her comfort zone and expose herself in a way that shows who she truly is”.


After it was all over and done with, I didn’t win.

I didn’t even place but I am more than happy about that, I didn’t expect to win and that wasn’t the reason I went.

I went to meet people and to do something out of my comfort zone.

I did exactly that: I made myself vulnerable and I exposed myself in a way that showed everyone, including myself, a honest part of who I am.

This is certainly something I pray everyone finds the courage to try out! If a pinup competition isn’t on your bucket list, you should put it on there right now!!


Ginger Foxwood

P.S. You really should check out some of the amazing ladies I had the opportunity to meet this weekend:





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