The 2015 Texas Hoedown day before and prep

So. I’ve done it! I did my very first pinup competition. I some ways it was everything I had hoped and anticipated and in some ways it was much more! So this is all pre competition lowdown!


We’ll begin with the night before….

You know that dress. That one dress. You stare at it in the window for what feels like forever but you just can’t seem to get yourself to buy it. Well this was that dress. Just a few miles from my home, on a little strip filled with boutiques, local brunch favorites and antique stores is my pinup holy grail, Red Rocket! And in there front window was the Stop Staring Avery dress in all its gingham glory!! A little snug the first time I tried it on, but after the last three months of dieting and especially the last three weeks of meal prep….it fit like a glove. So out I walked with dress in tow!

A few hours later and it’s time to do a trial run of the outfit. And it must have been the celebratory cheese and baguette tray because at 9 p.m. the day before….the zipper splits and the seam rips down the bottom of my dream dress. I. Am. Crushed.

Luckily, Batman knows how to sew! And let me just say ladies that I could not be more grateful or proud of my superhero boyfriend because he definitely manages to always save the day. So the rest of the evening we struggle through a basic mending of a busted zipper and seam until trial rub after trial rub later we successfully stitch it back together.

Day of….
The day started at the gym. Which was a blast aside from it being 6am. Under the advisement of my competition veteran and friend, Krista, I was found on the treadmill in a sauna suit….looking quite a bit like a Missy Elliott wannabe


But I am definitely a believer of knocking off that last bit of water weight right before because after that I felt lighter than a feather!

Next was to my hair appointment. My friend had just landed an amazing position at a local spa so to my delight i enjoyed a few minutes in the relaxation room!!


And by the way, gas anyone ever offered you an option of ice water vs. Room temp water?! Can we say the struggle was so real?!


Letting these curls set!

And guess what happens…..yeup. It rains! It rains hard! Ha!!! So now fully versed I how to fashionably wear bags on my head I haul butt to my car to do my makeup at NeeNee’s house!



And as It continues to rain I continue to thank the good Lord above that I am NOT driving!!!


Upon arrival it has turned into a down pour. Thunder, lightening, the whole bit. But we made it! Come hell and literal high water we arrived!! Throwing the dress on I had no idea what would await me but I can say that It as truly unforgettable!!



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