First ever vintage hair attempt

Alrighty so I’ve put off learning vintage hair long enough!!! It’s not necessarily that I don’t want to learn it. Moreso that it’s incredibly nerve racking for me to try and learn anything hair related.
At this point the extent of my girlish hair styling abilities remains limited to running a flat iron through my hair; and when some girls get excited about “easy hairstyles” I just break out into a child sweat.

So I am pretty darn excited to say that I’ve been practicing using a wand and I actually did manage to try a very basic vintage hair hack.



So this was on the way to church….i also tried a different method on my eyebrows, it’s definitely darker than I’m used to but I’m mobs digging it!

Afterwards at lunch, my hair had fallen a bit it still looked pretty fab:


So I’m hoping the uphill climb from this to a victory roll either has an elevator or is less steep than it appears….because we are now down to one week before competition!!!

Oh p.s. I didn’t do meal prep this week….I know shame shame. But hopefully I will get to it tonight.


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