Day of The Dead Makeup

There are two looks I’ve always wanted to do: Pinup and Dia De Los Muertos. You can find some of the most extreme looks but also some of the most creative looks in both categories! Immediately on Pinterest you find pictures such as:

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But then combine the looks and you can find something AMAZING:

My dear friend Wynter Harlow just did the most FABULOUS Dia De Los Muertos PINUP shoot! How. Cool. Is. That?! She was asked to be featured in a Latin Pinup magazine…..I’m waiting to get my hands on her beautiful photos but definitely more to come on Miss Wynter Harlow!

Anywho, we were invited to a Dia De Los Muertos party and so let the crafting and makeup applications begin!! Corgi doggie offers great moral support!!!


I made a red and black tutu to go over some leggings and my corset…..I also created a floral and lace headpiece and then made a hat for my boyfriend so that we would match!

As far as makeup….As you have probably learned, or if not will soon learn, I am in love with all things that glitter….and that includes my makeup. So without further adieu my addiction:


This is the most amazing glitter ever! it stays, it lasts and it SHINES! you can go crazy subtle or you can just go crazy…..

So we shall start with my look:

The red eye shadow is actually a red glitter from Eye Kandy, along with the black glitter from them as well. I used eyeliner and black eye shadow for the contouring and lines (which I need to practice, badly!)

The red ombre lip was created by lightly lining my lip with a black lip liner then filling it in with a deep red. Using a eyeliner brush to blend in the two colors it created a eerily beautiful lip look…..


I was worried about getting too hot at the party so I opted for most of the details coming from a mask I found at Target, and added a few embellishments of my own of course!


Completed the look with my tutu, headpiece, corset and red wooden rosary I was ready to do my boyfriends makeup: (please forgive the bachelor pad mess). See his matching hat?!


His look required a bit more black pigment and white pigment, which motivated me to look into a face paint kit from your local party store….The eye sockets were lined out in liquid then filled in with gel liner, same for the teeth. Shading was applied using a black eye shadow powder. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t allow me to use any of my exciting glitter on him….shame shame.


I cant wait to practice this look more, and give me an opportunity to do it with different color glitters! Thank goodness for Halloween and all its festivities!




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