The Invisible Roommate

Not sure if I’ve mentioned my invisible roommate yet. My fabulous grandmother lives down the street from me and having a key to my house has created an interesting dynamic in our relationship. It’s kind of a cool gig when you come home from work to the dishes being done and your clothes folded…..not so great when she comes over with doughnuts at 7:30 on the day of your contest….A contest she doesn’t exactly know about…..Yet!

I wouldn’t say that it was my intention to hide this from her, Meme is one of my best friends. I am however very well aware of the fact that she actually grew up on the era that I now call vintage and she was more part of the Southern Bible Belt where modesty and propriety are essential to all women, a man will never have an empty glass of tea and it’s the woman’s job to fill it for him at all times. So with this I’ve been unsure how she would feel about this new endeavor…..

So after a breakfast of champions I enjoyed some quality garage sale hunting time with Meme before heading home and figuring out the whole victory roll thing….

And yes, I came clean with her about the vintage show and she was shockingly very excited!!

Well she just had to see me off since she now knew what was up. And she brought her partner in crime, Miss Bobbie to show her “what a pretty girl I was”.

I just wish you could have seen me scrambling with one eye having lashes the other not frantically throwing a sweater on to cover my less than modest top!!! It was definitely a sight….
And apparently in such a frantic state I lost one of my stick on nails…..


But thank goodness for my 80 year old invisible roommate and her partner in crime!!!



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