My southern fried blast from the past


It may seem a little strange to write a post about my house. I mean what’s so different about my house over someone else’s house? Probably nothing if you really get down to it. But the beauty of my home is that its a personification of my interests, passion and inadvertently all with a vintage flair.

Let me start from the very beginning….

My little house was built in the 40s-50s as a starter home when Houston was much much smaller than it is now….my house now stands surrounded by mega mansions that have modernized the area and brought with it a massive change in demographic.

My grandmother bought this little house in the 70s and it has been a rental property since, famously known in our family as “The Rent House”. It was the first house my mom lived in after getting married, the first house I lived in when I was born and the house that my mom and I started our life over. It has been the same for my aunt and countless people afterwards.

And now, 28 years later, I’m back home in our “starting over rent house”…..

With the original hard wood, front porch and outdoor laundry area next to a screened in back porch this house is certainly a dying breed.

With such a humbled exterior the house is filled with decades of love, laughter and times past. From the walls to the antique furniture this house is filled with memories.

Sitting on the back of this porch as I sip my tea in a mason jar ( kid you not…this is real life) I look past the old screen, past the Magnolia tree and past the chain link fence to the back of a shopping center. As loud and invasive sirens screech in the background, I feel as preserved as this structured piece of time past, protected by a mosquito net of timelessness.

Ginger Foxwood


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