So it’s official!! We did it!!


We had our Christmas card photoshoot!! And oohh my goodness I still feel like a model, a queen, a fabulous retro goddess!!

Truly, I was almost worried about writing this post because it’s gotten to the point where I’m almost TOO POSITIVE about my pinup experience thus far.

So let me start off by saying that LITERALLY almost every single experience has had a glitch, a headache, a moment that was like…really?! But then absolutely every moment afterwards becomes so positive that it completely superseded the negative and made the headache worth it. So real talk, things happen… But it truly has been such a pleasure getting to meet some of the kindest, encouraging women ever and be a small part of such a unique culture!

If any of you are curious about pinup then I again tell you how much I would encourage you to do a photo shoot….one that pampers the crap out of you and really taps into a part of your ego that may not have been there before. Even if you never ever share these pictures to anyone DO IT FOR YOURSELF!


So with that, we begin the Christmas card shoot…..

As I was having my makeup done by Miss Ashley with Bella Rush Photography I was completely nerding out over her makeup arsenal! I just THOUGHT I had a lot of makeup!!! We talked brands, techniques, experiences and all that jazz….we moved onto talking about crafts and I thought oh my goodness this woman is my kindred spirit! My soul sister! And she just let me talk and talk….

Batman was the best sport of all, he absolutely had the greatest time jumping into the conversations as we talked scifi, comics and dating stories. The time seemed to fly by and I was so incredibly comfortable and as Ashley said, I feel like I’ve known her a thousand years!!

After makeup we moved to hair and holy victory roll Batman! I just can’t. I just can’t even! The sheer volume on my hair alone got me closer to heaven!! One of these days….I’ll master a hairdo of that caliber.

And then the big moment….the big reveal! Let me tell you something, the coolest part was that I recognized myself but then didn’t at the same time. It was like Ashley managed to take my personality and show it through my hair and makeup….an intangible part of me personified through sheer makeup and hair artistry! After looking at myself in the mirror for what felt like the first time ever she called ME “The Talent”!!!

We sat down on a set and were positioned and posed. I obviously do not know my left from my right…whatsoever. Either way, Ashley had the amazing patience because all while maintaining an air of positivity and enthusiasm she provided very realistic and really funny posing tips (“tits to the sky” anyone???) which made it incredibly easy to be comfortable.

Still, one of the coolest parts of the experience was getting to do my first shoot with my main man…..whispering jokes in my ear and giving each pose everything he had…..even when Ashley told him to bite on a comb so she could Photoshop a pipe in…..I was in the best of company. And got a little high off his excitement for the whole thing.

I did not want to leave but the magic had to end….and I knew it was a hit when Batman said, “this far exceeded my expectations and was more than worth it.” so it’s official……we did our Christmas card shoot, and I am officially a pinup shoot addict!!




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