A Very Vintage Halloween Party

Hello there Ladies and Gents!

Step Right up to the latest party post!

Last Year I hosted a very glam, very vintage Halloween party that you’ll just die for! Halloween is my favorite holiday second to Christmas because its the only holiday where you’re inner child never dies and all the rules get thrown out the window! Plus…..those are the two holidays when I can say I WANT ALL THE GLITTER and people ACTUALLY are cool with that!

Every Halloween I host a Pumpkin Carving Party with my closest friends and there is always plenty of snacks and sharp objects to go around (mostly because there are already so many Halloween parties out there….this one gives us another reason to celebrate). The rules of the party are simple, you must wear SOMETHING festive (and if you don’t I have hats and glitter to solve that) and is BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin)

This latest theme was Vintage Glam Halloween complete with glitter, ribbon and pinup prints, and did I mention glitter?!




I used a ton of Pinterest inspirations to be as crafty as possible and all my recycled wine bottles FINALLY came to good use, I knew there was a good reason for saving those!

The entryway decor was built using a sign found at TjMaxx, black and white ribbon from Sams, deco mesh from Sams and embellishments purchased at Hobby Lobby and Kirklands. A black feather boa and more bows were added to the entryway mirror along with a spooky floral arrangement and of course a famous pinup photo added to a glam black frame.

This is the tutorial I used to start my entryway garland: http://misskopykat.blogspot.com/2011/12/how-to-make-deco-mesh-garland.html?m=1


Without the lights 


With the lights


Purple plastic sheets were taped over the lighting in the hallway to give the eery (yet glamorous) lighting effect (you can find those here: http://www.shopwildthings.com/lightbulbcolorgelfilterred.html). It made a few of the decorations a bit more difficult to see which is why I tried to make sure and take pictures with and without the lights on. All the wine bottles were redone with new labels. The carving kits were tied with black and white ribbon and can be seen in the small bowl at the bottom.


On the mantle I used a free printable “Trick or Treat” banner that can be found here: http://www.thesuburbanmom.com/2013/10/02/31-free-halloween-printables/#2VFLt9J10PCtDPZW.32

Along with dollar store cemetery headstones, old books from goodwill and more black and white photos were added.

20120930_152029 (1)

Before the snacks were set out 


Close up of the chandelier 


All things that Glitter!!! 


Finished look for the dining room 


More Views of Embellishments 


Spooky colored rimming sugar to compliment my “The Cheerful Ginger” drink and spiked cider 


A bit on the unfinished side, it still was way more festive than the regular boring curtains! 

In the kitchen the light fixture was decorated in ribbons from Sams and Costco along with deco mesh, the additional embellishments were found at Target. I made my signature punch: A Cheerful Ginger and provided different color sugars for the guests to rim their glasses with.

Everyone had a BLAST and the pumpkins turned out great!!! our front porch was filled with different kinds of pumpkins!!! I just go to bed beaming with joy after this party Every. Single. Year! I’d Love to see your pictures and ideas!


Ginger Foxwood


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