Weekend Road Trip Part One

What a beautiful weekend this was. Jam packed with a road trip, a race, crafting and family time and a birthday party to top it all off. Its certainly hard to get back to reality! Even after such a brief trip….

For starters…I finally have proof that I am dating Batman! Originally the plan was to go up to Oklahoma early Friday morning but instead he had the grand idea of leaving the night before, pulling an all nighter and arriving the following morning. Who else but the nocturnal dark knight would think this is a good idea? I’d make for one pissy pinup and a hellofa copilot! Lets just praise the Lord above that he “slept in” from his power nap and we left at 4 a.m.

It was actually great though because we made it to the Oklahoma Texas border before we wanted some breakfast and stopped at the cutest cutest diner, The Prairie Diner. I swear I’ve been dreaming about these biscuits since we left!


It’s the little things, like the hot cup of no frills coffee, the all American biscuits , gravy, eggs and bacon breakfast and early morning sunrise of a road trip that surpasses any desire to fly. I’d take a road trip with back alley detours over airline security any day!!

We busted out our Table Topics which is kindof the new addiction…..



You get to ask all different kinds of questions and it prompts some pretty interesting conversations…..something we continued on with the family once we arrived.



Getting ready for the race!!!

We took to bed early to get ready for the race the following morning. With the weekend being part race and part 7th birthday for Jay, I celebrated by making some shirts for us to wear during the race…..can’t wait to see the photos from the finish line!


The race was amazing! The Rugged Maniac was 25 obstacles in 3 miles. It was like a tough mudder squeezed into a warrior dash. I was BEYOND wiped out but it was so dang cool and so worth it!!!

Picture this obstacle: run up to a platform with some trampolines. You run onto the trampolines and are launched into a net of ropes. Scrambling up the ropes like a spider in a web you make your way to the top and around the slope. Climbing down the ropes you let go to another trampoline and fly off the platform on the other side!! What a fantastic obstacle! They certainly got creative, but then I guess you have to when you have 25 obstacles in 3 miles.

Stay tuned for the second half!



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