Weekend Road Trip Part Two


The second half of the weekend was celebrating Jays birthday. Which was like throwing gasoline onto my crafting flame. Batman’s sisters create invitations for a living and they are all absolutely adorable! I pretty much use them for EVERYTHING because they are so creative and…..Well they just get me. 
Check them out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/stampandseal

I got to see the workshop where all the magic happens and was so excited to brainstorm decorations for the party!

Physically I was exhausted, I mean seriously ready to pass clean out…but my mind would not stop as we went back and forth and I looked at all the printers, cutters, paper and ribbon all in their perfectly labeled boxes…..crafting heaven!

And this is exactly the reason I love Etsy. Not many other websites or market places will you be able to see a business someone started from their talent and creativity and be able to accommodate handmade order requests from other parts of the world. You know that when you get an order from Europe you’re really freaking talented!!





It was such a fun little party for our little Spider-Man! And aren’t the buildings on the cupcakes just the coolest???

Most of the decorations were either printed or used the recycled comic book paper.



The spider web was silly string and the spidey sense glasses were found in the Halloween section of the dollar store!! How creative!!

That evening we pulled out our Table Topics and had some very wonderful conversations with the family….


The weekend finished off with a fond farewell and afterwards we made a pit stop at the coolest little winery in Texas!!!


Firelight winery is nestled in a sleepy little town off the highway called Valley View. We got to meet the wine maker and could definitely tell that heart and soul was put into this little building. Grabbing a bottle to take home we endured the long grueling drive home.



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