Bible Journaling


Did you know that you can find a group for just about anything on Facebook? For just about any interest, neighborhood, buy and sell page, you name it…..there REALLY IS a Facebook group out there!
I mean sure, I’m definitely aware that you can find just about anything on the internet, ehem….Pinterest anyone? But I found the coolest group that’s basically for grown up coloring with a purpose. I introduce you to Bible Journaling. Also known as bible study for the ADD or artistically (and slightly distracted) minded.

The pictures these people are sharing of the art done in their bibles is truly amazing! they’re all so so unique, use different mediums for their colors and textures and its just so incredible and visually powerful! My news feed has been loaded down with creativity and it is just been so exciting! I pretty much want to buy every pen, marker, crayon and pencil there is out there!  Between pinup/vintage clothes, competitions and art supplies thank goodness I’m following the Dave Ramsey plan because I would so be broke! I needs my art supplies envelope AND my pinup envelope!


I’ve mentioned before that “quiet time” doesn’t necessarily happen for me, or at least in the ideal sort of way. It’s a spiritual discipline that requires exactly that…..discipline. Lots and Lots of discipline. It also takes quite a bit of effort to sit in reflective silence without my mind trying to wander.

I have a HCSB version of the bible and its called a “note takers bible” which is perfect because I get to take all the notes which certainly helps with the don’t get distracted thing. (

At a recent study a friend of mine busted out a bag of pens and colored pencils and I was immediately intrigued.


I leaned over and watched her intently as she carefully selected a verse, sketched out an image and began filling in the spaces with vibrant colors…..


I just had to have her add something to my Bible! Isn’t it so pretty!?

I asked if I could give it a try and after searching Pinterest for ideas I dove right in and began coloring and note taking…..


I just couldn’t stop!! Gone was the wandering mind and the uneasiness about sitting still for so long. I was SUCKED into the Word and truly focused on everything that verse was saying while sketching, tracing and coloring in the blank spaces around it. Time stood still in my craftiness!


(copied *for practice* from


I couldn’t stop with just one or two and made my way to the third one before I even realized how much time had passed!!!

My friend is even doing her bible journaling with a bigger purpose in mind. When the bible is full of her drawings, notes and everything else, she is going to give the bible to one of her children! (Very similar to this blogger: 

Plus, this is actually her second bible. Her first she gave to her daughter, someone I consider to be one of my closest friends. although this bible is falling apart it is one of the most beautiful bibles I have ever seen!


(I found this creative journaling from and really love the art on this page! Its perfection for practicing!!!)

Honestly I can’t wait to try some vintage tattoo art in my bible journaling!! I’m thinking some Sailor Jerry, Americana, Vintage Tattoo art and lettering?

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P.s. Check out these Bible Journaling blogs for more inspiration:


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