Clever Girl Costume DIY Part One


As far as couples costumes go, Batman came up with the most epic idea. Chris Pratt and Blue, The Velociraptor from Jurassic World!!

Searching the internet I quickly learned that there are two types of dinosaur costumes for women:



Since neither one is what I was aiming for and since it’s obviously better to spend $97 on craft supplies instead of spending $30 on a premade costume, were going the DIY route. Can someone say, “clever girl”?


I cannot wait to post a makeup tutorial showing the scales I plan to do. But for now I’ll show you the two parts of my costume I’ve finished so far….. The hat and the shoes.

I started with the best discovery from Dollar Tree!


Buying some $0.79 craft paint I went to town on that hat!


Layer after Layer I added different shades of green until the scales showed through.

I repainted the eye using three different shades of yellow and when it dried I drew the reptile eye with a Sharpie.


And since I’m Blue, the famous Velociraptor in Jurassic World, I added a touch of blue on the top fins.

Now for the before and after:


And for the famous Velociraptor toe!! You know this…..making it’s big debut in the original Jurassic Park movie, it’s definitely one of the defining features of the raptors.

In order to recreate this, I bought some $5 canvas shoes and using the same green paints I added a camo look to them. Afterwards I took some craft foam from Dollar Tree and wrapped Out in electric tape.


Before, with an added flair of dog hair!


After!!! Dino feet!!!!



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