Makeup brush cleaner

Ok so being a makeup fanatic and not so much a neat freak…..I tend to have some nasty makeup brushes.
Oh I’ll be the first to harp on the importance of clean brushes; advising the bacteria build up and all that jazz. But seriously, it can be a chore! Until now….
Ladies! This just changed my life! I saw this on Pinterest because well, everything comes from Pinterest right? And thought I would give it a try.
Introducing Castile soap.


A teensy bit of this in some hot water and the makeup just melted off! So little scrubbing and there were only two brushes where I really had to do a second wash through. And I’m kind of a sucker for the eucalyptus smell afterwards. Not totally sold? Check this out:


I went ahead and finished my brushes on a ratty old towel (my champagne taste on beer budget hasn’t allowed for an actual cleaning mat yet) and decided to clean my sponges to show y’all this amazing-ness! So that was the before and this is the after…..


Yeah! There are still some stains left begins but this is just letting it sit I the soap water and then rinsing, so no scrubbing!
Basically I got so excited that I went ahead and did my laundry using this soap, washed my dishes with it and now I may need to go buy a new container…..I may or may not have used it all!!


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