Vintage bows for Christmas

I love bows….I will put a bow on just about anything! And every year for Christmas I will actually help my best friend with his interior design business and do bows for his client’s Christmas decor.
This year we had a client that wanted a bow that was modern, sleek and yet timeless. Soooo…..I’m assuming you want a not-so-fluffy bow then?
Meet the bow for Christmas 2015: The Dior bow!!

It took the same amount of time as my other bows but instead of tying and looping and fluffing, the assembly required one thing: a hot glue gun.


It actually frees up up quite a bit when you use this bow style. Your free to use a more extravagant paper with a solid color ribbon, and our works waaayyyyy better on smaller gifts than the traditional fluffy bow!


Our client wanted a rust a copper color scheme which was also new for me to work with but ERMERGHERD Gorg!!!!!

So what do you think?




For the gifts I wrapped I did more layers with the ribbon….




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