Benefit Betties

I’m officially now a Benefit Betties prospect!!

Based out of Houston, the Benefit Betties is a group of women that serves other local charity organizations in the Houston area targeting the needs of veteran services, women and children services and animal rescue.
The organization’s slogan, “doing good while looking good” is probably one of my favorite catch phrases. It focuses on the importance of the beauty inside of a woman as well as the adventure of embracing your outer beauty. It’s a holistic journey and the idea of taking it with a group of like minded women is exhilarating!
I’m really nervous about upholding the expectations though. I know it’s more than worth it, but a lot of feelings surrounding the need to fit in certainly have started bubbling up around this probationary period. For the next six months I’m going to have to work extra hard to silence the inner goblins telling me all the icky things women tell themselves.
As women we are so hard on ourselves. So after meeting the Betties as a prospect I can say that the standards for a Bettie is high but the support is equally high. That support is going to be crucial during the next 6 months.
But how absolutely rewarding to be around like minded women who are eager to serve and eager to show love. So while we are doing good, we are all certainly looking good inside and out!

Ginger Foxwood


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