Supporting the Texas Wolfdog Project


Nestled into a wooded area in Montgomery, Texas rests a facility for adoptable wolfdogs. Their goal is to find suitable homes for social/adoptable wolfdogs….


Ok honestly before being introduced to this organization I really had absolutely no idea what a Wolfdog was. I had no idea that there were different levels of a Wolfdog (or of that’s even the appropriate term) and just how many different traits they poses that make them so strikingly different from regular dogs or wolves. But thank goodness they’re also huge advocates for educating the public about these animals.

So my first experience with them was by volunteering at the facilities to help with some construction. The volunteers helped build fences and walk the wolfdogs as well for some exercise. The greatest part of the day was when the other dogs got so ticked they weren’t going on the walk they all started howling. Like straight up “Winter Is Coming” type wolf howling.

I tried to post a video but I’m still baby blogger and haven’t quite taken my training wheels off…..but you can check out my Instagram for the video: @thesouthernfriedpinup.


The thing about Texas Wolfdog is that they are solely volunteer based. So a huge part of what they are able to accomplish is what is contributed by those that support them.


Now that I’ve experienced a Wolfdog and all the care and love these people put into this type of animal I really want to do more to support them. Plus, helping them really is a unique experience



And especially when they have a super festive wine fundraiser event




It’s always so rewarding to help an organization that is so incredibly appreciative of all that you can do to help them. This is certainly one of those organizations and I’m looking forward to many more volunteer days with the Texas Wolfdog Project


You should definitely check them out!

Love ya mean it,
Ginger Foxwood


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